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Travel Assistance Committee

Past events

Previous events that TAC supported

Fosdem 2020, Brussels, Belgium
ApacheCon EU 2019, Berlin, Germany
ApacheCon NA 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada
ApacheCon NA 2018, Montreal, Canada
ApacheCon NA 2017, Miami, Florida
ApacheCon EU 2016, Seville, Spain
ApacheCon NA 2016, Vancouver, Canada
ApacheCon EU 2015, Budapest, Hungary
ApacheCon NA 2015, Austin, Taxes
ApacheCon EU 2014, Budapest, Hungary
ApacheCon NA 2014, Denver Colorado
ApacheCon NA 2013, Portland Oregon
ApacheCon Europe 2012, Sinsheim, Germany
ApacheCon NA 2011, Vancouver
Apache Retreat Ireland 2011
ApacheCon NA 2010, Atlanta
Apache Retreat Hursley 2010
Apache Retreat Ireland 2010
ApacheCon US 2009 Oakland
ApacheCon EU 2009 Amsterdam
ApacheCon US 2008 New Orleans